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Twitter Tools That Add Convenience

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Twitter Tools That Add Convenience

Anything that makes life easier, or is deemed a “time-saver”, is a popular commodity online, so it’s not surprising to see several applications being developed that add a little extra functionality to Twitter for it’s users.

There have been several application released that allow you to schedule your tweets for a later time and date. many of Twitter’s users feel that this takes something away from the heart and soul of Twitter, which is the whole idea of being social, and connecting , often in real time. However, there are also a group of users who embrace the convenience and automation that many of the add-ons bring.

To help you get an idea of what’s available out there, here are a few of the popular ones right now, and what they can do to add a little convenience to your twitter experience:

Tweet Later
This is probably the most popular service right now for scheduling your tweets. If you want to schedule one, or a series of messages to be broadcaster at a later time or date, then you can do that easily with Tweet Later. This handy little ap also allows you to follow anyone who follows you automatically, as well as send them an automated message when they follow you.

Social Too
This Twitter helper lets you automate the following of new followers as well. It also gives you the option of having lists sent to your email of people who both follow and un-follow you. Now, most people advise to not put any weight in who unfollows you, but others like to keep tabs in case there is a pattern of un-follows that match up with types of messages that they are tweeting.

Tweet My Blog
A pretty popular trend is to tweet your latest blog post (if you have one). If your blog is built on WordPress, then you can use Tweet My Blog to automatcially Tweet your latest post.

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Twitter Desktop Apps

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Twitter Desktop Apps

There’s definitely no shortage of add-ons and additional tools being released to make expand on the ever-increasing growth of Twitter.¬† Probably the most efficient ones that everyone can find a use for are the Twitter desktop applications that allow you to tweet from separate client in a small window instead of spending all your Twitter time on the actual website.

Right now, the two most popular Twitter desktop apps are TweetDeck and Twhirl

One thing that can happen once you build a huge list of followers is that you get overwhelmed by trying to keep up with the long list of non-stop tweets from your network. TweetDeck is a lightweight application that allows you to break down that information into organized groups that are a lot easier to manage.

The TweetDeck screen can be set up to be split into columns that show groups of messages separately such as replies, direct messages, but also can show lists of specified groups as well. So, let’s say you have poker buddies mixed in with your Twitter network of Internet marketers. You can have two separate columns¬† – one for poker, one for Internet marketing, and simply add users to the appropriate groups.

The organization in TweetDeck drastically kills the noise, and it’s very easy to use. This is definitely the top choice for a serious Tweeter.

Twhirl is quite a bit smaller than TweetDeck, with not as many features, but still is a great little application that let’s yo follow your Twitter stream easier than refreshing the twitter website all day.

If you don’t need all the organization features of TweetDeck, then you might want to try something a little more compact like Twhirl. It still has the main features you need like search, url-shortener, etc. You can also cross-post to other social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) which is a nice feature.

Regardless which app you choose, either will surely add convenience to your Twitter experience. Now, go tweet from your desktop!

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