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Twitter For Marketers

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Twitter For Marketers

If you haven’t actually used Twitter and only heard about the basics of  it being a micro-blogging method that allows you to spurt small messages with a maximum of 140 characters, you may roll your eyes with a response along the lines of “what’s the point?”.  However, it’s exremely common for that mindset to quickly turn around once a person actually utilizes Twitter to it’s fullest capabilites.

The number one reason that Twitter is a great tool for marketers is that it separates itself from all the other techniques, making it’s only function to be a ultra fast connection to create and build relationships.

The real-time interaction is simply unbeatable and the although it initially sounds like it would be a waste of time to some, the 140 character message limit actually seems to be a major benefit. Maybe that’s because with only 140 characters, you are forced to choose every word very carefully to ensure that the message is effective?

Another reason that twitter works well for marketers is that you have a network base of readers who chose to follow you and read your messages because they are interested in what you have to say.  There are those who abuse the system ad follow mass amounts of people in bulk just with the hopes that those people will feel obligated to follow them back, but for the most part, people follow you out of interest or recommendation from another user they respect.

Ultimately, Twitter has several reasons that it works well for marketers and it’s increasingly becoming the must-use networking tool for Internet marketers.

If you haven’t already, try create a Twitter profile today and start tweeting your way to new followers, customers, joint ventures, and just plain addictive fun!

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Why Is Twitter So Popular?

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Why Is Twitter So Popular?

With over 6 million users and counting, there’s no debate as to whether or not Twitter is popular. At present time, Twitter is estimated to be growing at a rate of 8000 new users daily.

Twitter’s attracts all kinds. You’ll find famous actors as well as your average citizen in small town USA. There’s writers, designers, small business owners, big corporations , and even the leader of the free world had a team of Internet savvy supporters that used Twitter as part of the massive campaign that led him to win the 2008 election.  If Barack Obama encourages Twitter, then you might want to check it out.

So, What Makes twitter So Popular?

The funny thing about twitter is, at least at this point, it’s popularity is a huge part of what makes it popular!  When you have a social site with over 6 million users, including large TV networks, the President Of The United States (indirectly), you know it’s beywond “catching on”.

When something is this viral already and then gets major mainstream attention, then it becomes THE place to connect with people, and like it or not, that’s what it is fast becoming.

Before the current hype though, Twitter gained it’s initial popularity from solid features that were new, exciting, and worked well in today’s fast forward digital lifestyle.  Everything constantly needs to be faster and easier, and Twitter delivered that with micro-blogging.

Humans thrive on relationships and interaction with each other, and Twitter created the ability to do that in real time at an extremely fast pace. In addition to the speed, Twitter also makes it possible to make the connection with your friends and followers at any given time. It’s not just for marketing either. Let’s say you’re working late and you  have trouble with an application you are using. Jump on Twitter and post for help. Often, depending on your number of followers, you can have a solution to your problem from a friendly follower in a matter of minutes.

Twitter is also extremely addictive which adds to it’s popularity and viral movement. If everyone you know is “on Twitter” whenever you asked them what they’re doing, then you feel obligated to try it out. Just don’t let yourself get too addicted!

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